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Re-match with yourself

An Erasmus+ Youth exchange on mental and physical well-being

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About Re-match with yourself

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This youth exchange was designed in response to the experience of young people during the pandemic: the limited possibility of meeting with their peers and friends, online teaching, restrictions on group activities, the impossibility to practice sports and of being in nature, the closure of cultural centers (museums, theaters, cinemas), the large number of hours spent per day in front of a screen. All those privations have caused a general feeling of malaise and the increase in the use of technology, which in many cases results in depressive feelings, stress, surrender, self-injurious behaviors, or a feeling of being expendable.

Re-match with yourself is a 9-day Youth Exchange program that will gather 36 young people from 6 European countries to discuss and learn about physical and mental well-being. The participants will have the opportunity to question their life habits, and their use of technology to better apprehend their psycho-physical health,  discover new cultures and improve soft skills through non-formal education practices.

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Throughout the exchange, participants will have the opportunity to discover and learn about different topics according to their needs and interests. Here is how the project can impact the participants: 

  • Giving them a greater ability to take care of themselves and to assume healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyles.

  • Offering them tools to achieve a concrete healthier, more balanced and more conscious lifestyle

  • Improving their language skills, both in English and French and potentially also in the other languages of the project's national groups.

  • Developing their soft skills in the context of teamwork in international environments.

  • Improving the ability to cooperate, to work for a purpose and with deadlines, to mediate, delegate, communicate, leadership skills in general, ability to speak in public and to lead non-formal educational activities.

  • Fostering the participants’ cultural awareness regarding the countries involved in the project and a stronger sense of European belonging

  • Encouraging them to experience a mobility, to study or to work in another country

  • Participants will have the opportunity to count on an international network of young people with similar sensitivities and interests, and to create friendships and connections that will last after the exchange.

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When & How

Re-match with yourself is a project divided into 3 phases. The participants have to take part in all of them in accordance with the regulations of the Erasmus+ program.

#1 Preparation phase

15th September – 28th November 2022 

Participants prepare for the exchange together with group leaders and the sending organizations. They plan the practical aspects of the exchange (travel, finding the resources to pay the personal contribution).

#2 Youth Exchange 

29th October:

Arrival day of the participants and group leaders

29th October– 6th November


6th November:

Departure day of the participants and group leaders

Participants are involved in non-formal activities like workshops, simulations, assignments, reflections, sharing, games, visits and meetings aimed to train their competences in the field of psycho-physical well-being and to improve their soft skills.

The exchange will focus on the relationship we have with our mind and body, mental disorders, body needs, the effects physical activity and alimentation can have on us and  how to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Physical activities, games, workshops, visits or discussion times will be used to stimulate the development of soft skills (communication, time management, cooperation, pro-active atittude…).

 Follow-up  #3  

November 2022 – January 2023

Participants write a short testimony of their experience, fill in an evaluation form and share the material produced during the exchange (photos, videos...).

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This program is supported by a co-funding of the European Union allocated by the Erasmus + program through the French National Agency. Therefore accommodation, food, materials, the program and the travel costs up to the maximum amount will be covered or reimbursed.

PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: We ask each participant to financially contribute to the implementation of the program. The amount has been calculated in relation to the overage wage of the country where they are resident. It's a sign of real interest, an investment you do on yourself through the project and concrete economic support.

If the contribution represents a real obstacle to your participation, please explain it in the application form and contact the sending organization from your country.






In order to receive the reimbursement for your travel to France, you’ll need to:

  • Actively participate in all phases of the project (Preparation, Exchange and Follow-up)

  • Use the most cost-efficient way of transport available to you

  • Provide a printed version of all the required travel documents (flight itinerary and boarding passes, bus and train tickets). 

  • You are allowed to arrive or depart MAX 2 DAYS BEFORE AND 2 DAYS AFTER the activity dates of Youth Exchange (Green Travel exception : if you are using a “green” mode of transportation such as carsharing, train or bus, you are allowed to arrive or depart MAX 4 DAYS BEFORE and 4 DAYS AFTER the youth exchange).

Bear in mind that extra days will not be supported with food and accommodation and if you stay longer than 2 days before/after your travel costs will not be reimbursed (4 days for green travel).

So before booking the tickets for your journey, wait to receive the official confirmation of your participation, send your travel plan to your national organization, and wait for their approval. The reimbursement will be done once the follow-up activities are completed as a natural closing step of the project, up to the amounts stated below.

Travel reimbursement : 

CROATIA : 272€ per participant (320€ if green transportation modes are used)

GERMANY: 180€ per participant (210€ if green transportation modes are used)

ITALY: 180€ per participant (210€ if green transportation modes are used)

ROMANIA: 275€ per participant (320€ if green transportation modes are used)

SPAIN: 275€ per participant (320€ if green transportation modes are used)

FRANCE: 23€ per person if they live between 10 to 99km away from Besançon

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The exchange will take place in Amange, a village of 420 inhabitants in the municipality of Dole.

Participants will be accommodated in shared rooms in the “Maison Familiale et Rurale”, in the Jura country. 

The nearest airports are Lyon St-Exupéry, Basel-Mulhouse and Dole. If you arrive by plane, you’ll have to reach Dole by train or bus. There will be a common transfer from Dole train station to Amange and vice versa the day of arrival and of departure.

If you cannot arrive in Dole, please contact your national sending organization

During the exchange there will be 1 visit to Dole, a small city 15mn away from Amange. 

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 Coordinator #1 - ESN Besançon

ESN Besançon is one of Erasmus Student Network’s 520 local organisations. Its main goals are to welcome international students in the city to allow them to make the most of their time abroad and to promote mobility toward the local population and especially high school pupils.

The majority of our activities is organised in the interest of the international students in order to facilitate and improve their social integration. To meet these goals the association has about 30 volunteers organising different types of activities (parties, trips, sports, intercultural, artistic and cultural activities). ESN Besançon also has two full-time employees : one is in charge of Social Erasmus activities and international students' commitment thanks to an additional educational unit and the other is in charge of coordinating the organisation’s projects and developing new ones (such as youth exchanges!).

Through the Erasmus+ program, ESN Besançon aims to make international mobility more accessible to young people by developing several youth exchanges projects per year. The organisation wants to become a point of reference in the field of international mobility and in youth volunteering.

Contact : Caroline Malpesa -

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 Coordinator #2 - Vagamondo


Vagamondo, based in Bergolo, in the south of Piedmont region, in Italy, is an NGO focused on international mobility, non- formal education, youth work and local development. 

The name Vagamondo comes from the concept of travel as a powerful tool of self-discovery and personal development: it is through direct contact with cultural and personal differences that identity becomes more visible to every individual; it is coming out of the comfort zone, getting involved in new activities, different than the usual ones, that people can identify room to grow and work on themselves. 

In that condition of clarity non-formal education becomes a playground where people can practice new ways of thinking and acting; an effective tool to make a change that can create a long-term positive impact once back home, thus to improve the quality of personal and professional life. 

From 2013 to 2022 Vagamondo took part in the organization and implementation of more than 200 international projects in Italy and abroad, involving more than 1000 young people and youth workers.

Contact : Fabiano Bruno -

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ESN Iași - Romania

Contact : Cristian


Re-match with yourself can be a project for you if:

  • Your age is between 18 and 30 years old (except the national leaders whose limits are 20-35)

  • You want to discover more about physical & mental health, and how the use of technology can impact it

  • You want to train your soft skills while getting actively engaged in non-formal activities for a total of about 10 hours per day

  • You care curious to meet and get to know people different than you for culture, social background, abilities, values, and world views

  • You are able to take an active part in all the phases of the project and in the whole program of the exchange

  • You are able to communicate in simple English (keep in mind that we will use an international simpler version of English if your level is very fluent you may need to simplify your communication in order to be understood)

  • You are officially resident in one of the following countries: Romania, Spain, Germany, Croatia, Italy or France

  • You will not be benefitting from any other Erasmus+ fund during the program in France


Erasmus+ projects are great opportunities to travel, discover new cultures and countries, meet different people and create international relationships without spending a lot of money.

In order to support the learning process of the participants, drinking alcohol is not allowed during the whole duration of the experience in Amange.  Also, the use of any kind of drug or substance that has a psychoactive effect on the brain is not allowed. In case you are taking prescribed medications that affect the functioning of your brain let us know in the application form.

If you are interested in travelling, discovering new places, meeting different people and creating international relationships in a cheap way but not in the topics of the exchange, you cannot actively participate in all the phases of the project or you are not willing to learn about psycho-physical health and well-being and to develop your soft skills, it's perfectly fine and we don't get offended. We ask you then not to apply for this program - it may become a not pleasant experience for you - but go for what you really want and make it awesome!

In that case, don’t hesitate to use platforms such as Couchsurfing, Blablacar, or even hitch-hicking!

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It is simple: click on the link below, fill in the application form and wait for your national sending organisation to contact you!

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Re-match with yourself is a youth exchange program co-funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ program and the French Agency, and by the Region of Bourgogne Franche-Comté.

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